About the Chaos

Chaos and Coos

Just a clueless, first time mom, documenting the truth about Motherhood and trying to cook dinner

-Chrissy Falkenham

Welcome to my blog! A place where you can count on the uncensored truth about motherhood, and some great recipes you can cook with no time. The good, bad, ugly, and funny. Wheather you bottlefeed, breastfeed, stay home, or work, you are a still a good mom.

My name is Chrissy , I am a Stay at Home Mom to 19 month old Meadow, two dogs Kippi & Louie, and cat Snugs. I am a big believer in “Fed is Best” and gentle parenting. When I’m not blogging about Mommin’ you can find me wrestling with my dogs, on a hike with my family, or cooking a delicous meal.

If you have a topic you would like to see covered shoot me a message! Check out our social account for daily chaos.