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Why you should think twice about joining an MLM

Disclaimer: I am not referencing any company and/or person in this article. All opinions remain my own and are based on personal experiences. I respect those side hustlers in network marketing. I’m still coming to your Norwex, Pampered Chef, UBAM, Arbonne, or Lipsense party 😉 I have recently seen a trend in MLM companies targeting SAHM’s and I feel the need to speak on this issue and stir the pot.

Chances are you have landed here because like me, your a SAHM that has been approached with a tempting opportunity and are weighing the pros and cons, or your just a loyal follower. Maybe you are part of an MLM and are shaking your head furiously at this article because your business is working for you. Either way, pull up a chair, and let’s have a chat about why you should think twice before joining an MLM.

Now before we dive in here, if you are not familiar with the term ‘MLM’ take a second to skim this informative article by the FTC. https://www.consumer.ftc.gov/articles/0065-multi-level-marketing-businesses-and-pyramid-schemes

And if your stuck in one here is how to get out (mostly) unscathed……https://www.finder.com/how-to-leave-an-mlm

Phew. now that thats out of the way lets get to the fun stuff of why you should think twice before joining an MLM!

1. You are trying to sell products in an oversaturated market

This can be a hard pill to swallow, but chances are there are a lot of other ‘consultants’ around selling the same ‘product’, trying to host virtual parties. Due to COVID-19 everyone is staying home and trying to make money from home. When I began selling my product I learned that everyone else was too. As I approached my friends to come to my virtual launch party, book a party, or buy my product, I learned I was not their only friend selling. It felt like me and all these consultants were competing against each other in our small network of people. It also turned out that everyone has either been burned, heard of, or wasn’t interested. It was so frustrating!

2. You will have to spend more money than you thought

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, I was offered a crazy ‘good deal’ with everything I needed to start my business for a low price of $30 dollars. Home with a baby and three pets 24/7 I was boredd out of my mind, so to my husband’s dismay, I reluctantly forked it over… hoping for the best.

It turned out I actually needed even more money to start. I had to purchase party prizes, business cards, pay the shipping on those prizes, pay for a shirt to wear at the team convention, and pay to access the team convention.

If I wanted to advance and sell my product at a fair or show I would need to buy my own merchandies for my table, sample supplies, booth fees, background check, you get my drift. $30 dollars turned into much more very quickly and the possibility of making it back was nowhere in sight.

3. It’s actually more work than you think/is promised

I joined an MLM being promised 4-6 hours of work per week to make a supplemental income and help provide for my family. Well those 4-6 hours get you the bare minimum. There is an endless amount of training, marketing, preperation, zoom meetings, etc. not to mention the work that goes into hosting a virtual party.

I structured my day around many meaningless meetings, spent time marketing products that just wouldn’t sell, and tried to sell people on buying from or booking with me. which brings me to my next point….

4. You will annoy friends and family

Any time I talked to a friend or family while I was in MLM, I felt like I needed to find a way to let them know about this wonderful new product I was selling. I wanted them to know I was selling it, I wanted them to buy it, and sometimes I wanted them to join me. It felt like I was working my product into every conversation and I could hear the silent eye roll over their smile and nod.

While they would never admit it (some will), they were annoyed with my marketing and ‘conversation working’ and they thought this oppurtunity was a terrible idea.

5. Most products can be found cheaper elsewhere

One word, AMAZON. You can find EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING on amazon. Early pandemic I once ran out of aluminum foil and amazon came to my rescue. So before you purchase your ‘New Business Kit’, check amazon, target, Walmart etc.

What are their prices? is there demand for this product? What’s to make them go through me instead of the ‘big box’?

They made me an offer I can’t refuse, so what should I do?

Don’t join an MLM. Find a hobby, buy a Cricut or Silhouette and start making, invest in a camera, and start snapping, start a home daycare, any monetizable side hustle you can think of.. the possibilities are endless. check out my article on it here. https://chaosandcoos.com/monetizable-side-hustles-for-sahms/

So bottom line here, really think twice before joining an MLM.


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